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I am a competitive powerlifter, bodybuilder and pole fitness competitor, holding many records in powerlifting and am also one of few women in my age/weight class that benches over 200lbs. I just become a powerlifting judge with the Canadian Powerlifting Federation to give back to the sport I love.

In 2018, I placed first in Master’s Figure and 2nd overall at the Ottawa Open Bodybuilding show. Fitness is more than a pastime for me, it is a lifestyle that started years ago to help with weight management and has evolved into a passion.

Pole Fitness is something I have been playing with on and off for years. I did my first competition at Nationals in Fredericton and my second competition in Toronto at PSO in which I received a first place metal for Free Dance. I'm also a Certificated Pole teacher with the Canadian Pole fitness Association.



Training in your home or out of Anytime fitness in Kemptville. Hilda will work with you to help you achieve your fitness and health goals. Whether your goals are to improve your general fitness or if you have a specific goal in mind.



Pole fitness is a great way to have fun while getting into shape. It required strength flexibly, body awareness and is amazing for your core. If you always wanted to try but may not want to go to a studio or want the one on one training, I can help you.



45 minute massage, to help with relaxation as well as improving mobility and flexibility, The therapist uses hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure to important points on the energy lines, together with gentle stretching and applied Hatha Yoga.



Hilda Siegel and I have met for our varied and productive training sessions twice a week for well over ten years. Hilda is, herself, incredibly fit. She is disciplined about maintaining that fitness, and diligent about staying current with developments in all aspects of physical fitness, including weight training, proper stretching technique and mobility exercise. I believe that, as a seventy-three-year-old senior, these three areas are precisely where my two hours a week should be focussed for maximum benefit. Hilda is conscientious, and prepares thoroughly to ensure that all of my time with her is truly well spent. Based on my experience, I full-heartedly recommend Hilda as a personal fitness trainer to others seeking to improve their physical well-being.

John Graves Ottawa

Hilda started training me at the YMCA in 2013. I was recovering from a femoral operation and Hilda not only helped me recover by taking it slow and starting me off with light weights, she also inspired me to compete in a bodybuilding competition. Hilda helped me achieve this goal by training me 3 times a week and pushed me to lift weights I never thought I could not lift. This changed my life, gave me confidence, and encouraged me to live a healthy lifestyle. I continued weight training and eventually had the pleasure of being on the same stage with Hilda in 2018 at the CPA Ottawa Championships as a bikini competitor while Hilda came in first place as a figure competitor. I would not be where I am today without Hilda’s help.

I have been working out for approximately two years with Hilda Siegel as my trainer. Most of this time has been at a local gym but, due to the Covid pandemic, we have recently started to meet at my home.

Hilda is well organized and prepares challenging exercises for me that vary from session to session, with a focus on weight training, Yoga and Pilates. She takes care to address whatever ailment or pain I may occasionally be dealing with, and is knowledgeable about healthy eating practices.

I enjoy working with Hilda. She has a friendly personality that complements a great deal of skill and experience.

Tonie Chene


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